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Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:47 pm
by ..

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:53 pm
by Little Irish
Every one? I'm about to watch Mr Robot series 3 episode 5.

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:54 pm
by ..

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:55 pm
by Little Irish
Relish, if you get the chance watch the BBC comedy show Detectorists. It's so beautiful and gentle. I feel depressed when it ends.

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:57 pm
by Little Irish
Rabid wrote:
Little Irish wrote:Every one? I'm about to watch Mr Robot series 3 episode 5.
Season 3 is excellent, imo. What do you think so far?
I love it, although the tension makes me feel ill at times. My palms overheat.

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:16 am
by Sprague Dawley
gave up on Mr Robot after half of first ep in S3. Is it Eliot or is it his dad? Whose voice is who's? Who is he now? Is this real? GTFO i just cant be arsed thinking this hard its fucken television ffs not Jacques Derrida's treatise on Steve Hawkings black hole

currently only watching one show: Supernatural. up to about season 10 now. wouldbnt have thought its my thing but still tuning in

other shit I watched this year.

Better Call Saul Season 3. I think that old Mike bloke might be the greatest cunt in TV history. He's like a steel jawed hunting trap. eg, pulling apart his car he suspects of being bugged piece by fucken piece to find the recording device, then the crafty switcheroo, the stake out. He has to be the most glacially patient & unruffable cunt in all of tv land

The Expanse. sci fi future bollox. Pretty swank. Made it to episode 6 but I think I may have given up on the fucker

The Leftovers. s3. gave up on last season, the cunt was just so bleak and miserable I backed out of the fucker. This one was alltime though, a mindfuck from the planet Fuck.

Rick and Morty season 3. outrageously clever without being much on the lol front

Blacklist, still hooked on this shit despite the main woman being somehow just really vaguely annoying.

Homeland season 6, still pretty crafty although real bummer about Peter Quinn losing his macgyver bollocks then carking it

The Americans, season 4, still top shit although could do with more spy craft skullduggery macgyver shit. Bit too heavy on the sooky sooky soapy rubbish. The gravedigging scene in ep1 was somehow incredibly menial yet intensely well done. Bugger me how long did it go for, 6 or 7 minutes?

Review. fuck me this is mental. flatout laughing my arse off at ep1 cocaine scene. It’s a comedy about some idiot who reviews shit like addiction and stealing. By getting addicted to stuff and going out and stealing shit then alloting stars from 1-5 for the experience. The main guy is goddamn perfect

Legion. marvel stuff so ordinarily would give a wide berth but read great reviews. it’s damn sharp. Well, the pilot was anyway. It disintegrated into that marvel comic book david copperfield crap so I was out. Set in a mental hospital although you have to ignore that fact that all the nutjobs look like young well groomed hipsters and the facility itself is a groovy 70’s hepcat 2001 space odyssey deal

Ray Donovan pretty great although the flashbacks with the dead wife were ff material. jeez jhe pretty much hated the vicious slag when she was alive then she dies and its a filter hue and sook-a-rama fest

Ozark: fahk, this one was addcitve. perfect timing for the hot summer weather too, v.soothing to sit down and see the expanses of cooling water and dark shaded trees. Crackign story too

Preacher: stalled a bit this season although the bald kraut's training was alltime

Mock the week s16 so great

Game of Thrones. Internet cracking a collective sookfat over time issue plot holes. No fucks given here I just sit there like a drongo and let it wash over me. After 6 seasons I still only know the names of about 10 characters. Fucked if I’m gonna do any background swot book nerd shit for a fucken dungeons and dragons tv show

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:09 pm
by Sprague Dawley
Anyone else hooked on these goddamn US reality tv car/recycled shop shows? Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Misfits Garage, Fast and Loud, Counting Cars. It7s goddam crack cocaine tv, I CANNOT change channels when this shit comes on. Maybe its my old retail days in the record shop, vague stiffy for old seppo cars, whatever. It’s so formulaic and stupid and lowbrow and riddled with the same bullshit every week (“oh look, another fuckhead Coca Cola sign, how much can we flip that for?”) and I just can’t get enough

American Pickers. I can never get a handle on the stuff they crack a fat for. Walk right past another pile of records to beat off over another goddamn Coca Cola sign. Episodes are a total seasonal scramble here on the Upper Lower North East Pitcairns, have noticed in recent seasons the tall one has become a bighead and treats the little chubby bloke like shit. Poor little cunt hardly even gets to talk at all. One of the episodes I was half watching has assumed field of dreams status in my head, in the leafy hills of malibu, some old hillbilly let the pair in to peruse his wares, did I hear right the old cunt had 200,000 records, i think I fucking did you know. Of course Cokesign & Toycar probably didnt even make him a fucking offer.

Counting Cars. Haha I always think the cars look better when they come in than after theyre done up, when they’ve put a fruity purple paint job on them, some dickwad flames on the sides and some other overly shiny “look at me” bollox. The main guy, much respect, he knows his cars back to front and sideways, spots one in a driveway 200 yards away, “oh look a 68 hemiblock 338 with flattened 62 shocks and a torque barrel 0.32 decompositer. The 0.34 decompositer came out in ’69 models.” (obviously I know nothing about cars). The manufactured arguing between the horns guy and the insipid brownnose braided-beard paint boy is just an insult though. An affront to the human race. Nobody talks to each other like that. If they did you’d just punch them in the face within a week or tell the boss fuck this shit, its him or its me.

Fast and Loud. Richard Rawlings, almost a caricature of a wanker. And yet his glib patina of sales shtick is just goddamn entrancing. I always watch this fuckhead show. I’d like to see them actually miss a goddamn deadline though. Every week its “ok you got 3 days to refit the Titanic with drown-proof shocks and paint some big fruity purple fucking flames down the side, go!” Happy ending. These guys are worth MILLIONS. Aaron, the young beardo guy, leaves the show, they show his house, its like a fucken country estate. He’s a goddamn mechanic. How cheap is land in Texas?

Misfits Garage. More realistic dialogue here. I like the little grey haired bossman, very slick operator and smooth talker. The giant fat fucker with the hoarse voice is fun too. Can’t understand the deal with doing up ute’s though. Get another Impala or Chevelle in there. Oh baby. Car porn.

Pawn Stars. so good and so bad. I think the old man might be the only actual human being on the show. His fat son, the main dude, the Homer lookalike, is just a sad cunt know-it-all tightwad moneybags. But even he’s Liberace-on-stilts compared to his own son, the colossal spoiled fat boy, who seems to have some sort of crippling inferiority complex he sheens a thin smarmy veneer over. The personality of an ant who spends his days trying to pull off his own wings even though he hasn’t even got any fucken wings because he’s just an ant. Chumlee, obviously scripted clown relief. He’s probably a fucken genius. They’re all millionaires from this shit. Haggling over $5 for some cunts toy fucken car. Yeah, reality tv. I tune in every week.

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:47 pm
by ej
Ha, ha! So the Saviors foiled Rick's plan! Apparently Eugene came up with a solution.

But what was it?????? Holy shit, are we going to have to wait till NEXT YEAR to find out!?!?!?! Eh, flashbacks ain't no problem I guess when there's no narrative momentum to kill!

Also, RIP Neil. That was sad.

Re: Wirthling's General TV Thread

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:44 pm
by Sprague Dawley
Fine then, don't tell us what fucken tv show this is about, FUCKEN FINE.