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All Purpose Music Discussionne

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:56 am
by Sprague Dawley
last couple of years of record purchases:

DAVE BRUBECK live in paree lp 100 yeah wftever dave
Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend 7"£1.50 man this song sounds good
Deacon Blue - Real Gone Kid 7" £0.50 sucker for the bass line
The Cure - Standing On A Beach • The Singles (And Unavailable B-Sides Cass, £3.75. ace b-sides here and there
Run-D.M.C.* - It's Tricky 7",£1.50
Sparks - The Number One Song In Heaven 7 £0.75
Peter Gabriel - Digging In The Dirt 7"£1.99. shitpot recording job
Tubeway Army - Are 'Friends' Electric? 7" £0.75 fuck yeah
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Oliver's Army 7" £0.99
The Who - Who Are You 7" £0.60
Thin Lizzy - Killers Live 7" £0.75 bit hit and miss for me. no stiffy here
Laurie Anderson - O Superman 7"£0.75 intriguing
Bob Dylan - Modern Times CD £4.99
Bob Dylan - Love And Theft CD £2.75. fahk this sounds good dubbed to cobalt cassette tape. all 3 of these Bob Dullin cd's do
Bob Dylan - Time Out Of Mind CD £2.50
Faith No More - From Out Of Nowhere 7" £1.99 dated badly
Genesis - Abacab 7 £1.25 drum sound yes the rest wft no
John Foxx - Burning Car 7" £0.75 KILLER synthfaerie outing here.

BARONESS BLUE RECORD Vinyl LP (Album) 20.00. well it sounded alright on youtube. fuck this though. the drums almost save it for me but the rock star vocals and Malmsteen bullshit ruin it
BARONESS PURPLE Vinyl LP (Album) 15.00. dislike this one even more
BEACH BOYS SUNFLOWER (180 GR) Vinyl LP (Album) 18.50 very fucking relaxing, a bit maudlin 70's but cool cool water oh god
CHROME ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS Vinyl LP (Album) 11.25 bout fuckin time. i deserve it
EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Vinyl LP (Album) 11.50 "Having a hard time" goddamn that is alltime
DOOMRIDERS BLACK THUNDER (COLOR) Vinyl LP (Album) 8.00 stuff this, too hectic and pacy, was expecting doom, it says doomriders, i just want doom

REATARD, JAY SINGLES 06-07 lp 16.75 might be too old for this. at least thats how it felt
The Fall - The Infotainment Scan cass 3 pound. bit too sterile dancey professional here
The Fall - Shift-Work 3 pound filthy fucking dirty, cleaning tape heads every 10 mins got real old real fast, BIN
The Fall - Code: Selfish cass 3 pound ditto fucking cunt
The Blue Nile - Hats. cass 2 pound. rooting this maudlin 1989 sookfest. totally miserable.
Brian Eno music for films LP 600 yen. sounds terrible up loud, but down quiet, just perfectly sands the splinters from the maidenhead of another pregantly-paused room.
Fleetwood Mac Tusk LP 100 yen. oh god I'm keeping it. Lindsey Buckingham, just love the cunt, might even check out his consequent solo works
Wedding Present dont try and stop me mother 12" 400 yen. Hard Off! bit tinpot before the majesty of Seamonster & Albini sound took root


Astronauts LP best of 200 yen. surf is a yes
Spotnicks vs Les Players. LP 400 yen stellar recording
Bo Diddley Greatest Hits LP 500 yen. had this in my teenage years, Bring it to Jerome still a killer
AMON DUUL II viva la trance LP 1,200 yen fucks me off I cant get into this, too psychy/hectic, massively rooting the 2 lp’s after this, Hijack and Made in America, pricey purchase for me too gahh, why can’t all their songs sound like “Loosey Girls”
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain 7" £0.99 big speakers love the ornate studio wankery

The Isley Brothers - Take Me To The Next Phase (Parts 1 & 2) / Live in the life (7") £0.99 A & B side both killers. Already have LP versions fuck I’m an OCD cunt
Slave - The Hardness Of The World LP £3.49 crucial condition upgrade. Rock solid funk for all us bleck bitches & hos
Ed Kuepper - Everybody's Got To LP £4.99 fucken awesome fucken knew it would be
Bob Seger - Hollywood Nights 7" £0.99 wft
Dr. Feelgood - Down At The Doctors 7" £0.99 condition upgrade.
Black Sabbath - Paranoid 7" £1.79. only about the 4th time I’ve bought this
Neil Young - Four Strong Winds 7" £0.99 bit maudlin but yeah righto

Siouxsie And The Banshees* - The Staircase (Mystery) 7" £1.79 yep
Blue Öyster Cult - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees 2xLP £2.99 fuck no cannot see what people see in this band
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells LP £2.99 bought to enable discogs flog of OBI version, sometimes the obsession bleeds into a sickness
Roy Orbison - It's Over 7" £0.99. condition upgrade. GODHEAD
Kate Bush - Wow 7 £0.99 Brits look after their records like they look after their fucking teeth.
Ohio Players - Skin Tight LP £3.99 to complement cass version. Anal cunt is a yes
Cocteau Twins - Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops 7" 2 pound. godhead
LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM out of the cradle CD 200 yen. 1992, works for about 3 creative songs the rest is just billion dollar studio guitar wank, look at me, I’m worth 45 million (I looked it up) and oh by the way did you know I have 74 spanish steel pedal mandolins GTFO
PATTI SMITH GROUP easter LP 300 yen. Imagine there was some monster feminazi group wank over this back in the day, no idea here in context-stripped North Korea-with-borders-of-the-mind, just know it is a pretty fuckin interesting record and every teen in the 70’s probably contemplated jacking it or jilling it over that cover.

Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch 7" £5.00 “breakdown” oh where have you been
Wedding Present - Bizarro Cass £3.00 keeper unlike “Tommy” but not as great as “Seamonsters”.
XTC - Sgt. Rock 7 £1.00
Wedding Present - Hit Parade 1 Cass £1.00 ffs also have the LP of this. AND the 7” series. Had the cd somewhere here too, overdue fees owed to Fulham Library must be quite formidable by now. 1991.
Sheila E - Olivers House 7” 100 yen solid 80’s funk for those of us with white lace doilies safety pinned to our vermilion lace cravats.
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew 2xLP 200 yen. Bit warped hence price. Equal parts yes and no. I think my jury will be forever out on this.
Hawkwind - Hall Of The Mountain Grill Cass £1.00 complementing my lp version. I now leave the house striding with The Hawk

SUGAR copper blue cd 500 yen. Over the acoustic ones but plenty of meat to unpack here
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS flood cd 200 yen daft trip down memory lane. will probably never play again
Builders Beatin Hearts LP $12.85. thinking Bill Direen might’ve been NZ’s Vic Godard… sadly I just cannot fucking get into this
The Clean – Oddities LP $18.95 fuck off I deserve ut. really tinpot though. prefer the 2xcd anthology


EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING So Many Things Goner 69 GONE 2xlp $15.00 revealing itself as the lotus does before the dry equinox tide of the easter solstice moon.
The Fall – Dragnet LP $15 bummed I can’t get into this…
The Fall - Slates 10” $10.85 … or this. Usually the 5th listen The Fall clicks but not yet
FANG landshark LP $10.85 faster than I thought it would be. Bit of a no
Roy Montgomery R LP $10.85 the voice one
Roy Montgomery Q LP $10.85 the “most extreme” one and holy shit it’s only Mr Montgomery’s magnum opus. BEST. Jet engines vs Loveless.
Roy Montgomery H LP $10.85 the “Cocteau Twins” one and holy shit it is all that
Roy Montgomery M LP $10.85 the “Slowdive” one. Great too. (now I need to hear this “Slowdive”)
SECRET CHIEFS 3 / ISHRAQIYUN Perichoresis Web Of Mimicry WOM 050 LP lp $12.85 cant hack this not weird enough, just boring middle eastern music
UV RACE Homo In The Red ITR 205 lp $8.85 reacquisition of this total fucking godhead record. Rooting this one way better than Racism (too normal) and their 7”s (too screechy)
The Blind Shake – celebrate CD promo. Never heard of this band but Fuck Me, this is a MUNTER.
Danny and Darleans Bug Out CD promo. Rill good meat and spuds oldies style garage punk
The Clean – getaway 2xcd promo 1998 live side for the win
Watery Love - Sick People 7 $4.25 bit slapdash here, all over in seconds
Watery Love - Two Thrills 7 $4.25 fukkin great, hello Brainbombs
Watery Love - Debut 45 $4.25 b side total 1 riff munt
Watery Love - Decorative Feeding lp $10.85 bit fast for me in spots but woah what a sound
Life Stinks you’ll never make it LP $10.85 fuckkin solid midpaced meat in my shit at last.
Life Stinks s/t LP $10.85 even better fukkkk


went berko this year on reissues, so stupid, just cannot afford this shit, plus the repressings now are such a lottery, warped, clicks, surface noise on brand new sealed records is NOT COOL. the know how in the industry is literally fucken dying

have read that some cunting labels are just cashing in on "vinyl boom" by charging top dollar... and taking the masters from a fuckign cd

Verlaines - Juvenilia LP $9. greatest. I deserve this one
Verlaines - Hallelujah LP $9. not all that but yeah
Peter Jefferies & Lonie LP $11. maudlin magnificence cd upgrade
Chills - Kaleidoscope World 2xLP $17. moranically sold the OG then realised i fucking need it back
Bats - Law of Things 2xLP $17. ditto
Bats - Vol 1 3xCD $15. here and there is a yes
Unwound- Fake Train LP $10. sold OG for a bumload, hello repressing
Big Black - Atomizer LP $9
Big Black - Pigpile LP $8
Big Black - Bulldozer LP $8
Big Black -he's a whore 7" $2
Big Black - Lungs 12" $6. splurged on the lot then realised I'm kind of over this band
Girls vs Boys - Venus Luxure LP $7. ditto.
Jesus Lizard - Pure 12" $7. love this band but this aint great
Explosions in the sky - Those who tell.. LP $9
Explosions in the sky - The earth is not LP $10. might grow on me but not looking good
Converge Dusk LP $15.90. bit of a tinpot recording but will persist


Converge "Jane Doe" 2xLP $18.90 warped. brand new and warped. plus the pressing sounds like TOTAL DOGSHIT. as I found out when I checked discogs AFTER BUYING THE CUNT. Moranically sold the OG for a bumload
Converge "Jane Live" 2xLP $22.15. KILLR
Drowningman "Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline" LP $6.00. an old fave I had to rehear. Greatest album title in history
Electric Wizard "Dopethrone" 2xLP $25.25. kind of bummer how the bas swamps the guitars here. no bite. my dubbed tape of the cd sounds wayyyy muntier
Floor Oblation cass $4. sounds just like Torche with forgettable songs
Helmet "Meantime" LP $14.65
Neurosis "Through Silver In Blood" 2xLP $27.65. christ and santa come on its been 20 years of loitering around with dubbed tapes of this. I needed it
Sonic Youth daydream nation Lp $18.50. ditto and this sounds godhead. Now I need "Sister" lp
Soundgarden Ultramega cass $6.60. nahhh

Torche "Restarter" LP $14.50. reacquistiing damn addictve
A Storm Of Light 2xLP $8.00 fuck off
Noothgrush Live For Nothing 2xLP $5.00 yep
Pelican - The Cliff LP $5.00 yeah nah maybe
Pelican Ataraxia/Taraxis LP $6.00 yeah maybe mediocre
Sleep - The Clarity LP $11.00. just cannot get into this band. fucks me off. the riffs just never "settle" enough for me
Sunn O))) Kannon LP $8.00
Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions 2xLP $16.50
Sunn O))) Black One 2xLP $18.50. bought the lot but I dunno, its testing even my doom patience
Today Is The Day -Animal Mother LP $5.00 nahh
Pelican What We All Come to Need CD $1.00 v.grunty, this is a yes
Van Morrison - His Band And The Street Choir CD may be the cd but his voice annoys like fuck here
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks CD some godhead here
Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley CD
Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun CD kind of maybe but yeah nah

The Fall - Reformation Post TLC CD surprising like
The Fall - Totale's Turns CD tinpot caterwaul
The Fall - Smile... It's The Best Of CD version of Spectre vs Rector I didnt have
The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour CD growwwwinng
The Fall - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004 (6xCD + Box) FFFffffFFFFuuuukkk
Conan - Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012 grunt swamp

The Fall - Seminal Live CD
Part Chimp I Am Come CD- fuccckkk so good, noise rock, amrep time again
Part Chimp - Chart Pimp CD kind of misses
Sense Field - Tonight And Forever CD. what was I thinking. It aint no "Building"
Mule - If I Don't Six CD. annoying as hell

Slowdive - Just For A Day CD too fucken miserable even for me
Slowdive - Souvlaki CD ditto
Slomatics - The Future Past Cass, EP
Elephant Tree - Elephant Tree Cass. no.
Mars Red Sky - Apex III CD. we want to be famous. piss off.
Neurosis - Fires Within Fires LP. just cannot get into it. wft is wrong wit me
BURIAL AT SEA migration Cd total godhead
INDIAN Unquiet Sky 2xLP extravagant purchase but fuck me this is some solid solid sludge doom metal
Slomatics - Estron CD. munt. doom.


Re: All Purpose Music Discussionne

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:41 am
by Sprague Dawley
Top 10 Wants. **SEND NOW**

9. Harvey Milk - A Small Turn Of Human Kindness LP. idiotically sold this. Sometimes I just don’t think these things thrugh
8. Indian - Slights And Abuse LP. Doom sludge murder
7. Cavity - Supercollider LP. first ever pressing to vinyl and the cunt sold out before I could nag one.
6. Torche - Meanderthal LP reissue upgrade from cd #anal_c**t
5. Sonic Youth - Sister LP. howFT did I miss the boat on this one
4. Terminals - Antiseptic LP a new one
3. Terminals - Uncoffined LP reissued never thought I'd see the day
2. Corrupted/Noothgrush LP reissued ffs. shit for brains here having long since sold the original. cookie monster vocals not my scene but I just can never discount CORRUPTED
1. CHRCH - Unanswered Hymns LP. Ffs. perfect doom

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Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:23 pm
by Putu
I've been getting right into the latest hit single "I think I wanna put mah finger innit" by The Dance Cunts, from their debut:
"The Dance Cunts Dance, Cunt"

Re: All Purpose Music Discussionne

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:32 pm
by Sprague Dawley
Putu wrote: "The Dance Cunts Dance, Cunt"
Would like to see more comma variations

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Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:24 am
by ej

Re: All Purpose Music Discussionne

Posted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:01 am
by Sprague Dawley
Putu, your avatar is broken you corona-cocked cunthead.

Re: All Purpose Music Discussionne

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:46 pm
by Putu
Sprague Dawley wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:01 am
Putu, your avatar is broken you corona-cocked cunthead.
I dongivafug!

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Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:09 pm
by Sprague Dawley

Re: All Purpose Music Discussionne

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:15 pm
by Sprague Dawley
attn//; P.Utu; please rememebr to practice Social Distancing all up and down the main forus thoroughfare, and that means providing a post buffer between posts so we dont get your ebola zaire pangolin semen soup snot all up in our fucken junk.

Thank you for your cooperation in regards to this matter, you bat-fucking nutter.

Here in The Lockdown I have embarked on my boldest, stupidest most menial journey yet; typing out THE Definitive Alltime 500 Best Albums list.

FFS why do I start these things.

Had a look at Rolling Stone's list. wft. Even shittier than I thought it would be. Had to scroll about 3 metres before I got to anything from this damn century and then it was "2001; Abba's Greatest Hits." ffs boomers. way to drop the ball. Get your heads out your arses.

Fuck sales/reputation/hipness. My sole criteria; The Thrill. Obviously that means NO BEATLES. fuck me do I hate the fucken Beatles. Mccartney and his love love me do twee bullshit with those puppy dog arching eyebrows go get virus on your dick u antique cvnt

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Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:20 pm
by Putu
Socially distance my cock!