Entropy Wins

I have disabled the flash-based music player that used to be over there to the right because flash sucks, but you can still play my music by clicking on the song titles on my music page.

Actually, the broken flash widget is still there, but invisible. I don't have the heart to delete it yet.

Thoughts of the Day

So, pursuant to the vertigo thing I saw a neurologist who ordered an MRI. I am claustrophobic in very particular ways. One of them is having my arms restricted in any way. MRI machines are basically space-coffins they stuff you into. My neurologist prescribed me two valium to help out and I visited the facility ahead of time and I'm hardly the first to have this problem and I look at the machine and it looks reasonably large and they promise me I'll have earplugs and music and my eyes can be covered or I can look into a mirror that's angled to show outside the MRI death-squeeze tunnel and so I figure I will give this a shot. The entire fucking time I was agonizing over not being able to squeeze the fucking panic fucking bulb. I made it but it was a living hell. Or maybe a living hell a bit dulled by two valium.

P.S. Turns out my vertigo is actually a case of my actually being balanced and the rest of the world being the ones who are out of whack. Yeah, you.

What Does That Button Do?


I want to start a blog, I swear I do.

More Music?

I have recently resumed producing what could arguably be called music. I have stuff here and much of the same stuff there.


My contribution to the human race: RAVALAMP. Put this thing on your cellphone at a club and hold it up and be the envy of all your dumb friends.

You're welcome.

What Happened to this Place?

I was hacked. It was fairly intricate stuff the hacker left behind so I backed up some images and music and wiped the rest. I wasn't using WordPress much and so it seemed like overkill, so I canned all of that. I fully intended to blog regularly when I put it up but, well, I wouldn't be me if I actually accomplished anything I started.

Anyway, I put some more music up (look over to the right). As usual, feel free to take what you want and use it however you like, although I'd prefer you don't use it for war crimes. Most of the newer stuff I put up is very rough drafts. That not-finishing-things thing strikes again.

A dramatization of the hacking of wirthling.com